I’ve been writing book reviews in this blog for a few months now. I mainly do that to solidify the things I’ve read by recalling them and writing them out here. I think I remember the story or the facts of a novel or non-fiction book better and for longer if I write about it. And it also helps me to develop writing skills, taking raw thoughts and forming cohesive ideas and laying them out on paper or bytes - which I see as the main function of maintaining a blog anyway.

But lately I’ve been backed up with writing reviews for the books I’ve already read. I’m reading almost 2-3 books a month now and I just can’t find the time anymore to write about it. By the moment I get some time to write blog posts I’m usually a month or so away from when I finished a book and my recall function fails miserably.

Instead, I’ve decided to not write book reviews anymore unless I read something life changing or books that spawn great ideas in my head that needs to be written down for my own sake. Doing this leaves me to read books at a comfortable pace and not worry about getting caught up with writing a review for it.

I use Goodreads so if anyone is interested to see my book activity it’s here: Goodreads Profile